Beautiful Footage Reveals The Fascinating Way Bees Create Honey

by Jess Catcher
Jess grew up in Oklahoma before moving to New York to become a writer. She has a cat named Agnes.

The internet has been buzzing (pun very much intended) on the importance of maintaining our world’s bee population over the past few years.

With their numbers dipping drastically low across the globe, bringing awareness to how the amazing creatures impact our lives has never been more vital. You can read all about the ways you can help keep the tiny workers from disappearing in this handy guide.

To really show you how incredible these insects are, the folks at Flow shared this beautiful footage putting their meticulous method on full, gorgeous display. They regularly post similar videos on their YouTube page to promote further information and education about the fluffy, little buzzers.

Here, they trace the steps of a swarm as they collect the nectar they have so carefully pollinated. I always knew the gist of how honey was created by bees, but I definitely didn’t know the half of it after watching this fascinating explanation. Shot by Flow founder Cedar Anderson’s sister, Mirabai, the clip gives you a super close look at their entire process. All of the flowers and bees are magnificent, but the facts narrated by Anderson are just as stunning.

Growing up harvesting honey with his dad, Stuart, Anderson was inspired to find a better way to keep the bees safe while doing so as a concerned 6-year-old saddened by all the cruelty in the traditional methods. Together with his father, they found an amazing solution. Take a look to hear from him below.

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