Woman Spots A Few Bees Buzzing Around House, Then Discovers 60 Pounds Of Honey In Ceiling

by Mauricio Castillo
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Bees are an integral part of the environment and ecosystem as a whole, but I’m pretty sure not many of us would like to find a beehive in our homes — especially not one that has been there for years!

Yet, that’s exactly what happened to Lisa Ohrmundt, a homeowner from DeKalb County, Georgia.

It all started when Lisa spotted a few bees swarming around the house. More and more were found in the most unexpected of places.

Lisa then contacted a bee specialist. Georgia Bee Removal employee Bobby Chaisson arrived to her house.

Using a specialized heat-sensing camera, he found a beehive inside her ceiling, one that had probably been there for two to three years.

After looking at the thermal image, he didn’t think it was that big.

Boy, was he in for a surprise!

In the video below, Lisa filmed Bobby unveiling the beehive.

“You can hear it as he is pulling the Sheetrock down, like a buzz, and then all of a sudden these bees just fall out into the room and they start flying all around the room,” Lisa said.

In fact, what was supposed to be a small hole ended up being six feet long, due to the sheer amount of bees. Some hundreds of thousands were in the beehive!

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