Viewers Spot Fan’s Sign For Beer Money And Send Him Thousands. He Gives It To Sick Kids Instead

by Amy Paige
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ESPN recently aired its College GameDay Saturday edition. Thousands of college football fans showed up to see if the Iowa Hawkeyes could defeat their rival, the Iowa State Cyclones.

Amid the large crowds, loud cheers, and collective partying was 24-year-old Carson King — holding up a sign that caught the attention of countless viewers at home.

The Iowa State alum brought a lighthearted sign to the game, asking for money so he could buy more beer.

“Busch Light Supply Needs Replenished,” it read in scribbled marker, along with Carson’s Venmo account information. He never expected the sign would actually pop up on national television or that people would actually send him money.

Sometime later, Carson looked down at his phone to discover he had just accumulated $400 in his Venmo account.

That number quickly increased to $600 … then $1,000 … and so on. People from all over the country were donating beer money to a complete stranger.

Carson was so completely shocked that he called his parents. Instead of using all that free money for booze, the Kings came up with another idea.

Footage provided by WHO Des Moines

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