Small Cluster Of Bees Swarming Into Clapboards Led Beekeeper To Biggest Hive He’s Ever Removed

by Amy Paige
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A historic house in Whiteville, Tennessee, was scheduled to be remodeled. Part of the remodel was working to remove the beehive that was hiding inside the walls.

David Glover with Bee Rescue and Removal was the man for the job. He never expected his discovery to go viral.

For at least 50 years, the bees have made the Seymour-Parker House their home. People used to hear them buzzing inside the walls at night.

In a series of photos David posted to Facebook, he said the bees were entering the home through a small gap in the clapboard siding.

David performed a heat signature test inside the house, which alerted to a “promising” hive.

At first, he figured he’d be removing 8 feet of combs.

It wasn’t until David actually began removing the bees that he realized just how massive the hive was — the biggest hive he’s ever removed, with 30 feet of combs.

Watch the video below to see how David was able to safely remove and rehome the bees, including the queen.

He also posted the now-viral story to remind the public how important it is for bees in residential homes to be taken back to bee farms.

Footage provided by WREG Memphis

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