Woman Buys Bedroom Set From Deceased Couple For $325 And Accidentally Finds A Secret Fortune

by Amy P
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Laural Jaecks of Oak Creek, Wisconsin, bought a secondhand bedroom set from a seller on Facebook Marketplace.

The wooden dressers and headboard were Amish-made; considering the pieces were of the highest quality in artisanship, Laural thought it was a steal for $325.

The furniture belonged to an elderly couple who had recently passed away. Their son was the one who sold the set to Laural. He also made sure to show her a few of the dresser’s hidden compartments.

Little did he know there was compartment he’d never seen before.

Laural brought the bedroom set home, and as she and her husband shifted the headboard, they discovered the secret compartment — which was filled with envelopes of $100 bills.

Before they knew it, the Jaecks had counted $11,000 in cash!

They also found bank documents that belonged to the seller’s recently deceased parents, reminding Laural of the previous owners.

Laural contacted the seller, who was stunned by his parents’ secret fortune. But he was most surprised when he heard what Laural wanted to do with it.

Footage provided by WITI Milwaukee

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