The Brandy Bus Is Not Your Typical Bed-And-Breakfast

by Jessica Rothhaar
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In a small, lush setting in Nairobi, Kenya, sits an old bus, long out of commission. The green-and-cream-colored vehicle is a classic blast from the past.

Her name is the Brandy Bus.

Although this old bus no longer moves, it is still surprisingly useful for travelers. Its owner, Karen Fraser, converted the incredible double-decker bus into a cozy living space that is currently being rented out as a bed-and-breakfast while she lives abroad.

The bus accommodates a surprising amount of people, boasting two bedrooms and two single beds in the main lounge area.

This old vehicle may not move from place to place anymore, but it still sees plenty of travelers from all corners of the world.

Scroll through below to see just how unique this vacation spot really is!

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The Brandy Bus isn’t your typical bed-and-breakfast, but it’s certainly one of the most unique.

The double-decker bus has been completely redone to accommodate adventurous travelers looking for a different kind of overnight stay.

The bus has been completely gutted in order to create a naturally lit, delightfully comfortable living space.

Toward the front, you’ll see a small kitchen area with plenty of basic amenities.

No matter where you find yourself in the little bed-and-breakfast bus, there are great views of the outdoors through the many windows lining the walls.

A lengthy breakfast bar adorned with flowers sits off to the side.

The living area includes spaces for seating that can be folded down into single beds for extra company!

A bathroom area with a shower is located in a small building separate from the bus. Think of it as a fancy outhouse!

You’d never actually know that you have boarded a bus just by looking at the roomy sleeping areas.

The first bedroom is beautifully decorated with sweet little details just like any other bed-and-breakfast would be.

The stairs, formerly leading to the upper level of the double-decker bus, now lead up to a second bedroom!

Although you might need to crouch to get around the top floor, we imagine it’s nice and cozy once you crawl under the blankets for the night.

The outside is just as intricate and unique as the inside of the bus.

Chimineas and lanterns line the walls of the property along with a full-size outdoor fireplace.

Of course, there’s also a full dining set right outside to entertain your family or travel companions on warm, Kenyan evenings.

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