Become A Certified Photographer For Under $20 With These Top-Rated Courses

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The convenience of having a camera in your pocket at all times may have you feeling like an amateur photographer. Want to turn those amateur hunches into certified skills? The Hollywood Art Institute is currently offering its photography course and certification for 99% off. If that percentage didn’t make your eyes bulge out of your face, maybe the resulting price tag of $19 will.

With lessons you can take from the comfort of your couch, this course will have you certified and ready to execute your artistic vision with techniques that will improve your photos after just one day of training. This course is legit and moves fast because of it. It’s taught by the most talented and experienced photographers in the industry, but you’ll also have the help of level three-certified pro tutors. After you learn all there is to learn from your courses, you’ll also receive a stellar five-year subscription to the Pro Article Database.

Committing to something new can be a bit daunting, and nobody wants their new hobby to end up like that old gym membership that sits and collects dust. However, this certification deal is actually a lifetime subscription, so you can not only learn at your own pace but even take the rest of your life to do it (although, that’s not recommended because you’d never get to show off your new skills).

Imagine your first day of school and birthday memories being captured with professional quality. Well, the reality of that dream is only $19 away thanks to this massive 99% price cut toward the Hollywood Art Institute’s Photography Course and Certification. If that price still sounds steep, just think of all the money you could earn turning this $19 certification into a career. 


Hollywood Art Institute Photography Course & Certification – $19

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Byline: Nicole Cord-Cruz