Beauty Queen Surprises Pageant Contestant Living With Rare Disease To Give Away 1 Of Her Crowns

by Lindsey Smith
Lindsey is from Florida and has worked in online and print media. Her happy place is Michaels craft store.

In 2017, Macey Brietenback earned the spirit award at the Miss Maryland Teen USA pageant.

She competed in the pageant despite living with a rare disease called visceral myopathy, which affects the digestive system. On her website, Macey’s family explained that she was given just one week to live after she was born.

As a teenager, Macey continued to defy all odds and stuck to her dream of competing in pageants. She was able to fulfill that dream last year. “They said that I changed the pageant forever, in a good way, with my attitude toward things,” Macey told the Baltimore Sun“I honestly never thought I would do anything like it.”

While Macey competed in the teen pageant, a beauty queen who’d already won the Miss Maryland USA Pageant was inspired by Macey and her story. Brittinay Nicolette, who won in 2017, decided to make a surprise visit to the hospital.

Since Macey didn’t end up winning Miss Maryland Teen USA, Brittinay wanted to do something very special for her. “I wanted to give you one of my crowns,” Brittinay told Macey. “So that you could have a crown like the princess and the queen that you are.”

Macey immediately burst into tears when the beauty queen handed over one of her prized crowns and put it on her head. Even more touching, Macey considers Brittinay to be her idol after the pair met at Miss Teen Maryland.

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Photos: YouTube / CBS Local Media

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