Beauty Queens Face Off During Live Broadcast When Winner Hears A Name And Collapses On Stage

by Amy P
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Miss Grand International is aiming to become the world’s largest international beauty contest while also working to promote world peace.

This year’s event featured 78 candidates from all across the world. Over 1 million people watched the ceremony take place in real time over Facebook Live.

Everything was going just as planned. But at the very end of the pageant, it was down to two contestants: Clara Sosa, a 24-year-old from Paraguay, and Meenakshi Chaudhary Kumar, who holds the crown as Miss Grand India.

In the clip below, the two opponents hold hands as they nervously anticipate the results — Clara in her beautiful silver sequin dress and Meenakshi in her shimmering gold gown.

Emotions were running high for both women.

Finally, it was time for the host of the evening to reveal the winner.

“The winner of Miss Grand International 2018 is…”

But within seconds, a handful of onlookers were running up to the stage in a complete panic.

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