Busy Mom Captures The Beauty Of Her Identical Triplets In Amazing Photo Series

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

Though it’s hard to place, there is something inherently magical about twins and triplets.

Having that mysterious, in-utero bond makes them particularly in tune, even if they are not identical.

They are intrinsically interconnected and are considered little miracles throughout the entire animal kingdom.

Child Expressions Photography‘s Lucia Staykov knows all about these phenomena, big and small, since she has her own set of identical triplet girls.

On top of her three beautiful girls, Lucia already has three boys — two of whom are twins!

While the household of six gets pretty crazy for the photographer and her husband, she states that it has been a fabulous ride raising her several sets of children.

And, being photographically inclined, she has been documenting the beautiful triplets’ journey since birth, personifying exactly what makes the girls so special.

The photographs celebrates being a triplet and the stunning, secretive connections the girls share.

Check out Staykov’s amazing photographs below.

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When Lucia Staykov learned that she would be having a set of triplets, she was shocked— especially since she already had three children!

Though having the three girls and three boys, two of whom are twins, is definitely a handful, she has loved raising her family filled with many different types of children.

Being a parent who knows a thing or two about raising same-age siblings, Staykov has documented her beautiful daughters since birth, depicting the unique characteristics that they share.

The camera glimpses into the lives of the growing girls, exemplifying how their lives are distinguished from other types of siblings.


Like how they will never have their own birthday, no matter how hard they wish…

…But that they will always have two best friends to go through life with…

…How they will constantly be mistaken for one another…

…And that they are natural little miracles.

But, despite being identical, they have their own styles and don’t have to dress the same.

They also have their own personalities — decidedly un-identical from one to the next.

And being three of a kind, they are inherently a bit of a handful.

They will always be a bit competitive, being so easily comparable.

But most importantly, they have a bond that began before birth and will last a lifetime.

Though separately they are amazing, together the triplets make a beautiful whole.

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