This DIY Paper Dahlia Is The Perfect Piece To Brighten Up Your Home

by Grace Eire
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Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

Decorating for your home can be really exciting, whether you’re starting fresh in a new space, or totally revamping a home you’ve lived in for years and years. However, it can also get pretty expensive. Every opportunity you have to cut corners with class, you grab at it!

You’ll probably have to spring your major budget on the big things like furniture or beautiful countertops, if you’re in for the full renovation. But, when it comes to decorations and personal finishing touches, that’s where you can get thrifty and creative!

At-home art projects aren’t only fun, they’re great ways to save cash while also taking full control of the design. When you make your own art, you don’t have to compromise on style one bit! Every color, material, and image is up to you.

With just some paper, scotch tape, hot glue, and a little piece of cardboard, you can make a beautiful paper dahlia for your wall. It’s so simple to make, but it would make any room pop. The best parts are that you can pick whichever color you like the best, and that it will hardly cost you a thing at all. Now that’s what I call the very best of both worlds.

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