Family Of Bears Has An Epic Pool Party

by Amber James
Amber is the Branded Content Editor at LittleThings. She currently resides in Manhattan.

When Tim Basso looked outside the window of his New Jersey home, he had to do a double take when he noticed a family of bears climbing into his backyard swimming pool.

After checking to make sure his children and beloved dog were all safe inside the house, Basso and his wife pulled out their cameras to film the incredible moment.

In the video, a mama bear and her five cubs take over their pool as some of the cubs even climbed up the slide. This pool party got a little wild as the cubs splashed around and checked out the playset.

“They look like teddy bears, don’t they?” the mom can be heard asking her child.

But the youngest child one wasn’t thrilled, crying out, “They took my floaty!”

“They came in, they experienced the pool, they got it, they seemed to enjoy themselves. They did a little bit of damage on the pool toys and floats and whatnot, but all in all I don’t think it was a terrible experience,” Tim said.

The family called 911, but there was little police could do.

This mother bear and her cubs just couldn’t get enough, cooling off in the pool for nearly an hour! Guess this week’s heat wave was downright unbearable!

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