Man In Purple Shirt Walks Towards Car, Has No Idea Brown Bear Has The Same Exact Idea

by Christian Cotroneo
Christian is a writer living in Toronto, Canada, who shares his home with his dog, Luna.

Some surprises go both ways. As in: There is no surpriser — just surprisees.

You might think of it as God’s very own prank. And we all get a divine laugh out of it.

Consider the video below, showing a bear cub lumbering across someone’s driveway near California’s Lake Tahoe. At about the same time, a man emerges from his home, sipping something delicious from a big plastic cup.

The two parties meet at the corner of the garage and… boom! The man, making a sound not unlike an underwater trumpet, flees back to the safety of his front door. The cub, equally surprised — but not screaming like a girl because, well, bears have a reputation to uphold — runs in the opposite direction.

After momentarily exiting stage left, the bear decides to try that again. He saunters back to the edge of the garage, where he first met that plastic-cup swilling human.

Surprise, surprise: No human.

Off goes the bear, probably chalking up the whole experience to a trick played by the California sun.

Meanwhile, behind a double, no, triple-locked door, there’s a man, likely jabbering to a 911 operator (“BEAR!”).

And there’s also a good chance we know where whatever he was drinking in that cup ended up.

All the same, this guy did the right thing. We don’t recommend making nice with passing bears. Unless, of course, they obviously need help. Like this bear. Or, of course, if they’re of the teddy variety. And you’re Angelina Jolie.

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