Hungry Bear Ravages Couple’s Cabin And Eats 5 Pounds Of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

by Karen Belz
Karen Belz has written for sites such as Bustle, HelloGiggles, Romper, and So Yummy. She's the mom of a sassy toddler and drinks an alarming amount of Sugar-Free Red Bull in order to keep up with her.

Bears are both incredible and beautiful. But when there’s a bear around, it’s typically a place you don’t want to be.

If you’ve happened to watch the Leonardo DiCaprio film The Revenant, you know why.

You don’t want to mess with bears. They will very easily defeat you and are quite a danger. But viewing them from a distance is always a nice way to remind you how vast nature is. Our world is so much more than we often realize. There are so many species out there just trying to live and survive. Speaking of, sometimes they need our help.

For Michelle Eberhart, that help came in the form of a raid.

Michelle wanted to seclude herself somewhere she felt cozy. So she rented out a Tennessee cabin with her friends and her husband. While sheltering at home isn’t necessarily a vacation, you can’t fault the people who tried to make it one.

However, they ran into a major snafu. While they had a great food supply to share among themselves, they were robbed. The culprit? A hungry bear.

The food supply was, as you’d imagine, mostly fun snacks. The bear found its way inside to eat 5 pounds of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, some chips, pretzels, and 2 pounds of Sour Patch Kids. But then the bear couldn’t figure out how to leave. It was a scary situation for Michelle, who was cautiously videotaping the scene from a safe distance.

Watch the video to see what Michelle has to say about the unfortunate incident.

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