This Bear Found A Bale Of Hay In The Wilderness. What He Does? Adorable!

by Scott Neumyer
Scott Neumyer is a journalist, photographer, and bacon lover from central New Jersey.

Play is an important part of life for any animal (and even for humans). No matter how big or how wild the animal, they still feel the need to take a few minutes out of their day to decompress and relaxation.

Playing around is one of the best ways for them to achieve that.

In the video below, uploaded by YouTuber Jennie Frost, you’ll see one of the world’s biggest (and stereotypically most “ferocious”) animals doing a little bit of relaxing play all by himself, and it’s absolutely adorable.

According to the video’s description, the huge bear in the video (named Hugo) was found as a mere cub in 2000 and now spends his days doing all the things that bears do (I assume that means searching for pots of honey in little holes in trees and talking to slightly-depressed donkeys) at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.

On this particular day, Hugo decided to have a little fun with a bale of hay that he happened to find on the snow-covered ground.

At first, he seems to be getting acclimated to his new friend as he rolls it up, pulls it towards him, and tries to pick it up. But, before long, Hugo is tossing the hay bale up in the air behind him, bopping it back and forth, and rolling around in the hay (and snow).

It’s totally adorable, but it’s also a great reminder that even the largest, most potentially dangerous, animals need to unwind every once in a while. Have fun, Hugo!

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