Homeowner Thinks She Was Robbed, Then Realizes Black Bear Snuck Into House To Play Her Piano

by Christian Cotroneo
Christian is a writer living in Toronto, Canada, who shares his home with his dog, Luna.

When you’ve got talent, nothing should stop you from pursuing your dream.

Even if the piano you were born to play happens to be in someone else’s house.

Even if you’re a bear.

And even, as it turns out, if you’re not actually all that good at it.

No one said the road to stardom was easy.

This happy home invader was busy checking all of the above boxes when a woman in Vail, Colorado, came home.

Sure, bears often surprise us at home, but it’s usually a random encounter that ends with both parties fleeing in terror.  At least in one case, the furry home intruder makes a slow and very dignified exit after mulching through someone’s trash.

In this case, the stunned woman managed to catch the bear, on video, pounding those ivory keys with a ferocity you don’t usually see with first-time musicians.

While the bear gets an A-plus for confidence, we suspect the judges on The Woods’ Got Talent might dock points for a certain lack of finesse.

But the bear’s already got his superstar swagger down. He apparently trashed the room between sessions of his magnum opus — which we suspect may be titled “BMLPH” or maybe just “BLAMM.”

Give it time, bear. It will come around.

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