Man Is Terrified When He Finds Out Giant Black Bear Crept Inside To Ransack His Garage

by Jess Butler
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Brad Tamm wasn’t expecting to have quite the encounter inside his own home. But he did.

According to Fox News, Brad was taking a conference call from his Longwood, Florida, home.

He saw something on the other side of the thin glass door leading out to his garage, and he was stunned.

It was then that Brad spotted a huge black bear rummaging through his belongings without an ounce of guilt or anxiety. Once Brad saw this, he knew he had to do something to stop the black bear from completely ransacking his garage.

So, he acted quickly — and loudly.

In the video below, posted on October 31, 2017, Brad explains, “He’s already standing up on his hind legs.

He’s got the refrigerator door open, and he’s checking out the coolers on top,” adding, “he looked like he stood taller than the refrigerator. I think he stood taller than me.”

To scare off the black bear and ensure his own safety, Brad banged against the glass door and screamed for the animal to get out several times. He figured the loud noises would alert the bear and make him flee the scene.

Luckily, Brad’s plan, albeit simple, worked like a charm.

Check out the footage of Brad scaring away the enormous bear in the video below, and please SHARE if you’re glad he ended up safe after this wild encounter!

Middle Thumbnail Photo: Flickr / Bess Sadler

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