Little Bear Cub Becomes Best Friends With Adorable Cat

by Jessica Rothhaar
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Ka Wao, a sun bear from Thailand, has been full of surprises since the day she was born. And in fact, Ka Wao was never supposed to have been born at all!

The Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) rescued Ka Wao’s parents, Gallamair and Kaka, when they were just cubs themselves. The two became permanent residents at the rescue center due to their inability to acclimate back into the wild.

While the two bears took a liking to each other, the WFFT takes a strong stance against breeding animals in captivity. Although the wildlife center attempted to perform a vasectomy on Kaka, the surgery was unsuccessful. Months later, Ka Wao was born to the surprise of the staff.

In the short amount of time that Ka Wao has been exploring her surroundings with her mother, she’s already exhibited some funny behavior. She’s extremely curious and playful, and has a very unusual best friend.

Read on to find out about Ka Wao’s unlikely, and adorable, friendship, and let us know what you think down in the comments!

[H/T: The Dodo]

Ka Wao and her mother, Gallamair, live at the Wildlife Friends Foundation in Thailand. Although the wildlife center has a strong stance against animals breeding in captivity, Ka Wao surprised everyone with her appearance.

Due to a failed vasectomy on male bear Kaka, Ka Wao’s mother gave birth to the adorable sun bear cub. The young cub and her mother were then separated from Kaka in order for them to live and bond as they would in the wild.

Ka Wao has turned out to be quite the curious and friendly cub, and has even managed to create an unlikely bond with the resident cat, George, that lives within the enclosure. The funny duo have become very attached to one another.

The staff believe the friendship may have begun due to Ka Wao’s tendencies to mimic her mother’s actions. Gallamair gets along well with other animals in the enclosure.

“Gallamair often befriends cats, so her cub is copying this,” a WFFT rep told the Dodo. “They seem to get along very well and spend lots of time together.”

The adorable cub and her family will continue to thrive under the care of the WFFT. The illegal wildlife trade in Thailand is a major issue, and within the enclosure, the sun bears are out of harm’s way.

Although Ka Wao and her parents may never live in the wild, it’s incredible to witness the unlikely bonds these animals have created within the rehabilitation center. It’s something we may never have been able to witness otherwise!

Thanks to the staff at the WFFT, Ka Wao, her parents, and their feline pal George are sure to live out their lives in a safe, happy environment.

You can learn more about the WFFT’s efforts to protect local wildlife on their Facebook page, or visit their website to make a donation!

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