Boy Tells Mom Dinner Is Hurting His Throat, Then Emergency X-Ray Reveals Metal BBQ Bristle

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
Ileana is a writer on the Original Content team. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

One of the best parts about summer is eating outside. From picnics to barbecues, summertime food is way more fun than any other food served any other time of the year.

If you love barbecues, there are a few things you should probably know — including things you should never do.

But in addition to never mixing raw and cooked meats, or avoiding inhaling the grill smoke, there’s something else you should avoid doing: using a metal barbecue bristle brush.

Recently, Jenna Kuchik was enjoying a lovely barbecue dinner when her son, Ollie, suddenly started crying and complaining.

Ollie told his parents that there was something stuck in his throat — he couldn’t swallow and was in a lot of pain. That’s when Jenna realized that a bristle from the brush had probably gotten caught in her son’s throat.

Her husband, Matt, looked at the other chicken, and when he saw another metal bristle, they rushed Ollie to the hospital.

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ollie hospital

Jenna shared their experience on the Facebook page Love What Matters, where it quickly drew a lot of attention.

Within hours, the post had over 8,700 reactions and over 9,800 shares.

ollie er

Jenna wrote:

What a scary 24 hours it’s been! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, EVERYONE do not use a metal BBQ brush!!

Just minutes after eating BBQ chicken last night Ollie started crying and complaining there was something stuck and hurting his throat. 

x-ray bristle

After suspecting a BBQ bristle was stuck, Matt checked the other chicken that we hadn’t eaten yet and found one in there too.

X-ray confirmed a few hours later that there was indeed a metal bbq brush bristle in my little boy’s throat. 

ollie wheelchair

Throughout the 2 hours at the hospital Ollie couldn’t swallow and kept gagging and spitting.

Because of the location of the bristle the Dr. wanted to send him to the stollery in Edmonton via ambulance and off him and Matt went at 9pm with me, Cohen and Ellie following.

ollie sleeping

It was the most awful and difficult 24 hours of my life watching my son in so much pain, not being able to do anything to make it better and know that this could have been 100% avoidable… we even have a wooden BBQ grill cleaner still new in package that we’ve been meaning to use. 

ollie sad

It wasn’t until 5pm today that he finally got 2 pieces of metal bristles removed from his throat in the OR.

He was such an amazing, strong, brave boy (even after not being allowed to eat or drink for almost 24 hours) and I am so grateful he is OK but I just don’t ever want something like this to happen to someone else.

ollie popsicle

If you use a metal bristle brush for your barbecue, you should consider trading it out for another product — nobody else should have to go through what Ollie went through.

ollie popsicles

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