BBC Sportscaster Announces Play-By-Play Of Dogs’ Daily Activities And People Can’t Get Enough

by Karen Belz
Karen Belz has written for sites such as Bustle, HelloGiggles, Romper, and So Yummy. She's the mom of a sassy toddler and drinks an alarming amount of Sugar-Free Red Bull in order to keep up with her.

It’s incredible to sit down and think about what these stay-at-home orders mean for many people in the world.

For one, the sportscasters out there. With sporting events canceled, you can imagine how restless they’re getting without games to report on.

Luckily, BBC sports commentator Andrew Cotter had the best idea ever. And obviously, it involved his two dogs. Andrew is the proud parent of Olive and Mabel, both of the Labrador breed. He had a video go viral of his two dogs competing in a race of competitive eating. Andrew announcing the action was both funny and relatable to people who had more than one pup at home.

It’s a good reminder that anything could be a sport.

However, Andrew didn’t stop there. Upon seeing the success of his video, he realized that he had something special going on at home. His connection with Olive and Mabel has turned out to be what the world needs right now. And if it’s keeping Andrew busy, even better.

That first video hit the internet on March 27. The game? Which dog could eat kibble the fastest. Olive may have been the winner of the food contest, but there were many more competitions ahead for the furry duo. While Andrew claimed the video happened because he “was bored,” the idea turned out to be a great one.

He even followed it up with a well-deserved nap for the winner. Popular dog-rating account WeRateDogs even made sure to drop Andrew and his family a comment on the footage. “Riveting stuff,” the ratings account wrote. Obviously, Andrew realized he could turn this into a series.

His next video featured a chew toy competition. “Some sports are slower. More about the strategy,” he captioned the video. Sure, it was mostly just cute footage of the two pups, but it didn’t stop people on Twitter from calling him a “quarantine genius.”

You might not assume that watching a dog chew a toy could be so thrilling. However, Andrew seems to know his dogs. He knew that while Mabel was watching very patiently, she’d give herself the opportunity to steal the toy from Olive without consequence. Simply put, she’s ruthless.

Andrew also used his two dogs to create a clever video that illustrates what they might be dreaming about. The concept sounds a little weird, but it’s something that every dog owner has thought about at least once. “Let sleeping dogs lie, without commentary,” he captioned the video. “Or dignity. But at the moment everyone needs their escape.”

In a way, this all shows how different the world has become without sports. People are still eager for entertainment. “I believe when sport returns, there will be a huge outpouring and it will not nearly be as cynical as before,” Andrew told The Telegraph. “Hopefully, that will be soon, as I am unemployed.”

Due to the video, his dogs have become internet celebrities. These days, that’s actually a hard field to break into. Everyone loves dogs, and everyone who has a dog feels as if theirs deserve a ton of followers. Andrew likely never thought that his dogs would be such a big hit.

But dogs and other pets have been known to be calming influences. And in a world where we’re all going a little stir-crazy, his two pups are helping a lot. Plus, Andrew has unintentionally created a new career path for himself as Olive and Mabel’s manager.

Plus, this pair is inspiring other people online to share cute photos of their pups. So even if you’ve watched the Olive and Mabel videos multiple times, Andrew’s feed is still a great source to get your fair share of dog photos. Right now, they’re really helping.

Andrew’s videos are also a reminder that right now is the perfect time to be creative. Again, Andrew had no clue that his dog sport videos would have made such an impact. He was just trying hard to cure his boredom while continuously practicing his “craft.”

But even prior to his dog videos, Andrew Cotter was beloved in the sports industry. In an interview with Scots Magazine, he said his primary interest outside of providing sports commentary was hill climbing. As far as sports go, golf and rugby are two of his favorites.

And even in that interview, he credits his “sense of humour” for setting him apart. These videos with Olive and Mabel are the perfect way to display this personal side of him. “I’ve commentated on anything from tennis to the boat race,” he said, likely not knowing that filming his dogs eating dinner would be his next step.

If you’re looking for a new project, setting up some sort of dog Olympics isn’t the worst idea. Your dogs will love spending additional time with you, and it may be a fun way to keep yourself occupied during your time at home. If you’ve always been thinking of adding a dog to your home, there are plenty of shelters currently looking for fosters. Contacting one might be the best decision you make.

As for Olive and Mabel, hopefully their videos will continue on, even when this stay-at-home period is over. It’d be a shame not to see what other hijinks they get into. No matter what, Andrew Cotter is a worthy social media follow, even if you’re not a huge fan of sports.