Young Boys’ Tiny Bathroom Gets Incredible Transformation

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Sharing a bathroom with someone takes a lot of patience and compromise, especially if long showers and beauty regimens are involved.

Everyone has their own bathroom routine in the morning, so there is bound to be a bit of conflict and awkwardness when it comes to sharing this sacred space.

This is particularly true for young siblings.

Kids’ bathrooms usually involve tons of shampoos and soaps, along with quite a few bath-time toys. Multiplying all of that is surely a recipe for an organizational disaster.

Fortunately, no home-improvement case is too tough for the IKEA Home Tour Squad — not even crowded kids’ bathrooms!

The Squad consists of real IKEA coworkers who make over rooms with their innovative and ingenious wares. According to the Squad, the key to a harmonious shared bathroom space is proper storage.

First, drawers maximize storage inside cabinets and make it easier for you to access the things you need.

Secondly, utilizing the walls by means of hooks and hanging baskets will ensure less clutter without compromising walking space. Storage units with suction cups are simple to install and can be placed wherever you need. Plus, if you share the shower, it’s easy to use these to give everyone their own storage space.

Finally, for items you use both in and out of the shower, it’s important to keep hanging storage right outside the shower so things are easily accessible.

Check below to see the IKEA Home Tour Squad apply all these useful storage tips to a bathroom shared by not one, not two, but three young brothers!

You’ll definitely want to see the beautiful bathroom transformation.

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