Man Buys First Home, Then Totally Transforms Drab Bathroom Into Gorgeous Spa-Like Sanctuary

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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Being a first-time homeowner can be a stressful experience. After finally finding a dream home after weeks, months, or maybe even years of real estate agents, paperwork, and internet searches, it can be really exciting to move into your first place.

Sometimes, though, your first home isn’t exactly your dream home, it might be more of a fixer-upper with a lot of potential. That’s especially because new home buyers are often on a budget, and there’s a good chance that said new home might need updates.

The cheapest way to upgrade a new house? Do it yourself.

The problem is that a lot of DIY projects don’t go as well as the DIY-er originally expects. Many DIY projects take longer than expected, cost more than expected, and are more difficult than expected (that’s why we pay contractors the big bucks).

Well, one new homeowner, Reddit user chester2017, decided to take on a big project and try to update his home’s bathroom.

The bathroom was fine to begin with, but it was just kind of plain and outdated.

Originally, the bathroom was painted white with off-white floor tiles. It had a wooden sink and a wooden mirror.

While it was by no means ugly, the homeowner wanted to create a super-modern bathroom.

He tiled the floors and walls, creating a very polished look.

He also redid the shower, tiling it similarly to the walls.

Switching out the lighting gave the bathroom a brighter, airier look.

And he updated the sink, bringing the entire look together.

The finished bathroom is stunning, and it definitely looks like it was done by a professional.

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