Man Who Was Called ‘Cow’ For His Vitiligo Now Refuses To Accept That The Condition Is Going Away

by Jess Butler
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Bashir Aziz has had vitiligo ever since he could remember. Although it made him different from the other kids, he learned to accept his skin and love himself for it.

But when his skin started changing years later, he didn’t know how to feel about it.

In the video below, Bashir explains: “I was bullied for a bit. People would call me, like say, a ‘cow’ or a ‘zebra.’ It did have an impact on me, like all the name-calling because it would affect anybody’s confidence, just as bullying does.”

His mom tried covering his vitiligo with makeup, but that didn’t really help him feel his best.

Over the years, Bashir learned to accept himself for who he is — patches and all. He says, “You have to love yourself, and that way, people just love you.”

The 23-year-old even found a new passion, working as a model! However, his vitiligo, which covered about 80% of his body when he was born, has slowly faded to roughly 40% within the past few years.

Now, as the vitiligo fades, Bashir feels a little disheartened, but remembers that it’s just his body at work.

What do you think of Bashir’s desire to keep his multi-toned skin?

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Photos: Barcroft TV

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