Dad And Ex-Wife Both Show Up At Son’s Game, Then Turn To Reveal Powerful Co-Parenting Message

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
Ileana is the Editor of Original Content. She lives in Queens, NY.

Relationships are really hard — they take a lot of work, commitment, and even then they sometimes don’t work out.

Normally, it’s hard to deal with a relationship coming to an end, especially a marriage, but it’s even more challenging when there are children involved.

When parents split up, they should want to do what’s best for their kids.

Often, moms and dads will get into new relationships, and sometimes that can be hard on the child, especially if their parents can’t find a way to get along.

Much like these parents, who took their little girl to Disney World together, one family came together to support their son Ryan.

Kylie London Schiller, Ryan’s stepmom, posted a photo on Facebook, explaining why she and Ryan’s other parents work so hard to co-parent successfully.

All four of Ryan’s parents went to his baseball game wearing special shirts — and everyone who saw them was in awe!

[H/T: Love What Matters]

Ryan’s stepmom Kylie shared the post on Facebook page Love What Matters.

Within less than a week, the post had over 7,500 reactions and almost 700 shares.

Kylie wrote:

When I look at this picture, I can’t help but feel so freaking lucky.

We’ve all worked hard to get where we are today with co-parenting for our son Ryan.

We all participate in all school functions, sports and we each get him about half the week.

We are very blessed. When you put the past and insecurities aside and think about the child, it works.

We chose to do what’s best for Ryan. He loves that we are all one family.

Like his mother says he gets the best of both worlds with all of us!

ryan brother

Ryan having the same rules and knowing we all respect each other makes such a difference in parenting rather than having two different houses with two different sets of rules.

It matters to him, knowing we’re all at his games, school concerts, etc.

white sox baseball game

We put him first and that has brought all of us together.

Think about what’s best for your child. Ryan is growing up with four parents, all who love him very much.

kylie sons

We all respect each other. That’s all it takes is putting your child ahead of yourself.

You can never give a child too much love.

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