9-Year-Old Baseball Fan Writes Letter To MLB Player And Helps Him Get Over His Hitting Slump

by Kelly Glass
Kelly Glass is a writer whose work focuses on the intersections of parenting, health, and pop culture. She lives in an Illinois college town with her educator husband, wildly ambitious sons, dog, and several fish. Her work has appeared in the Washington Post, Romper,, HelloGiggles,, What to Expect, and more.

Henry Frasca, 9, of Massachusetts is a baseball fan — a Boston Red Sox fan to be exact — but he wanted to do something special for a Baltimore Oriole.

Henry heard about baseball player Chris Davis’ unlucky batting streak and decided to send him a letter of encouragement. Chris was in the middle of the longest hitting slump in Major League Baseball history until Henry’s letter seemed to turn things around for him.

“There are two things I want you to know. First, the way you play baseball has absolutely nothing to do with how good a person you are. Also, you are incredible. You play in the MLB. You’ve done it for a long time and everyone goes through a slump,” the letter said.

“Don’t give up. We’re rooting for you. Sincerely, Henry Frasca.”

Henry didn’t even think his letter would make it to the baseball player, but it did. Not only did it make it to Chris, but the Orioles player now carries the letter with him for good luck. The good luck charm seemed to work, as his streak of bad hitting ended.

“At that moment in time, going through what I was going through, to get a letter that was that encouraging — and from a 9-year-old — it was pretty special,” Chris said. “It was pretty cool. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get a little choked up.”

The team was so thankful to the little baseball fan that they invited him to Fenway Park to meet them before a game. Watch Henry’s once-in-a-lifetime meeting with the Orioles in the video.

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