Mom Has No Idea She’s 8 Months Pregnant, Until She Has 6 Seizures In A Row

by Emerald Pellot
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Brooke Williams and her husband Calvin knew one thing was for sure: They were never going to have children.

“When Brooke was a little girl, she had a brain tumor [and] they told her that she of course wouldn’t be able to have kids,” Calvin, 27, told in 2016.

When Brooke had six seizures, Calvin rushed her to the hospital. The doctors conducted their usual blood work and suggested that Brooke had in fact been pregnant without knowing it.

It didn’t seem to make sense, but somehow it was true. Brooke was eight months pregnant. Doctors believed that if she delivered the baby, the seizures might stop.

After an emergency C-section, Brooke stabilized — and gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Amazingly, the baby was perfectly healthy, at 5 pounds, 8 ounces.

“I’ve had every emotion, really. It’s crazy; it’s a miracle,” Calvin said. “Without any prenatal care, being a month early… She’s great.”

Brooke never experienced any symptoms during the pregnancy. She always had an irregular period due to the residual effects of the brain tumor.

“She’s never had any sickness, she never felt her stomach move,” Calvin explained. Fortunately for the couple, they are seeing this strange occurrence as a miracle.

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