Barn Cat Loves To Ride On Top Of Animals All Around This Farm

by Jessica Rothhaar
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Snowfall Ranch is a beautiful seven-acre farm located in Elizabeth, CO. As with many farms, Snowfall Ranch had a bit of a mouse problem. That’s when Teton was brought in.

Teton, the tabby cat, took his surveying role pretty seriously from the start. As a matter of fact, mice weren’t the only animals he kept in line. From a very young age, he rough-housed with animals many times his size. Fearlessly, Teton would play with the horses, ponies, donkeys, and goats.

One day, Joanna and Scott Shaw, owners of Snowfall Ranch, noticed something a bit odd. Teton decided, instead of using his own four legs, he’d get a leg up on his other farm animal companions.

Whether Teton wanted a better view to keep an eye on meddling mice, or he just wanted to catch a free ride, the other animals don’t seem to mind the little fur ball riding on their backs.

Take a look at these hilarious photos Teton’s owners managed to snap of him surveying his kingdom, and don’t forget to let us know what you think about him in the comments!

[H/T: The Dodo]

Joanna Shaw

Teton was brought in to Snowfall Ranch to do what barn cats do best, wrangle mice. The fearless kitty took his job very seriously.

Joanna Shaw

Even as a kitten, Teton would rough-house with the other animals on the farm. The horses, ponies, and goats towered over the little cat, but he had a solution for that.

Joanna Shaw

He simply hopped up on his tall companions’ backs for a better view. Farm owners, Joanna and Scott Shaw, took notice and started snapping pictures of the hilarious sight.

Joanna Shaw

Does he have a favorite animal to use as transportation?

“We do see him on the miniature horses and donkey the most,” Joanna Shaw explained to The Dodo.

Joanna Shaw

The bold and brave kitty does have one fear: getting his paws wet. Luckily, he can turn to his large, furry pals for help.

Joanna Shaw explained that “he tends to ride them more in the snow.”

Joanna Shaw

Teton is the undisputed ruler of his kingdom. And as long as he has a willing back to hop on, his reign will continue.

If you’d like to learn more about Teton’s farm, Snowfall Ranch, visit their website.

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