3-Year-Old Rescued Steer Meets 33-Year-Old Stallion. Now, They Are Inseparable

by Jess Butler
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A young steer named Gizmo was rescued and brought to Sweet Farm in California. When the 3-year-old arrived at his new home, his rescuers never expected him to make a new best friend so quickly.

In the video below, posted on January 23, 2017, Gizmo runs around, through the fields with some of his loyal goat friends. Although he has many buddies to play with, there is one animal in particular that he can’t stand to be apart from.

The young steer always ends up with his best friend, Sturgis, by his side. Their story proves just how important and strong friendships can really be.

Sturgis is a 33-year-old stallion living on the same farm. After meeting each other, the steer and stallion became absolutely inseparable.

They love to goof off together outside.

In the video, Gizmo and Sturgis run around in the grass and nudge at each other playfully. They zoom past the other animals and even go for a calm stroll together later on. Although they differ greatly in age and species, these two best friends have the ultimate connection.

Each day the rescues spend together, they grow even closer and fonder of each other’s company.

Check out Gizmo and Sturgis playing around in the video below, and please SHARE if you think these farm animals will truly be best friends forever!

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