Mom Spends Thousands Turning 9-Year-Old Into Living Barbie Doll For Beauty Pageants

by Emerald Pellot
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Samantha Pavey is such a big fan of Mattel’s Barbie doll that she named her daughter after the toy. The mother of three from Peterborough, England, spends much of her time primping Barbie to look like the doll with makeup, fake eyelashes, hair extensions, and princess dresses.

Barbie has been competing in beauty pageants since she was 7 years old. Her mother spends over £530 (about $645) a month on makeup and clothing. While it is costly, family and friends help pay for the items. Barbie even tans.

“On a pageant day, she wears more makeup than me when I go on a night out. She always has false nails — we use stick-on ones so we can get them off in time for school,” Samantha said. “We don’t go to a pageant without tan on. It’s not worth doing.”

Samantha says her daughter loves participating in the pageants and wishes they had started sooner.

“She’s the pushy one, not me,” Samantha said. “She nags me, ‘I want to do this pageant. I want to wear this.’ She chooses her own look and outfits. I’d never put her in anything she didn’t feel comfortable in.”

While Barbie gets adorned and dolled-up for her monthly pageants, Samantha is sure to send her to school makeup-free. However, Samantha admits that some people don’t agree with Barbie doing the pageants at such a young age.

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