Barber Receives $1,165 Estimate For New Floor, So He Covers It In 70,000 Pennies Instead

by Grace Eire
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When a barber shop owner needed a new floor in his establishment, he knew that he wanted something a little different. He got an estimate from a flooring expert who told him that it would cost him about $1165.

This business man was having none of that.

In Dudley, West Midlands, BS4 shop owner Rich Holtham took matters into his own hands and looked for ideas around the web. When he found a floor made entirely of pennies, he knew that he’d found his answer.

Going to the bank every day and getting hundreds of pennies was Rich’s life for the duration of this project. At the end of it, though? The result is totally stunning and well worth the man-hours of labor that it required.

Would you ever take on a project of this scale in your own home or place of business? Rich says that his penny floor has gotten his shop a lot of attention and more customers as a result.

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This is what the space looked like before the penny project commenced.


It took a week of laying pennies on the floor to complete the project.


All said and done, there are 700 pounds of pennies on the floor.


The floor works well as an advertisement for the shop, as many folks come in just to check it out.

process again

What a truly awesome idea!


The floor cleans up easily at the end of the day.


It looks quite fancy too!


Can you imagine collecting 70,000 pennies to cover your floor?


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