Barber Sees Man On Mobility Scooter Outside His Shop, Then Walks Out To Him With Clippers

by Olivia Jakiel
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Steven Taylor has been getting his hair cut at Barnes Barber Shop once a month for the past two years, but after he suffered a stroke, he found it hard to move from his new mobility scooter into a barber’s chair for his monthly trim.

However, thanks to barber manager Chris Clark, Steven’s trip to town didn’t go to waste. Chris walked outside with wireless clippers and a cape and gave Steven his normal haircut on the sidewalk outside the shop.

“I’ve been coming here for some time, they look after me,” Steven told StoryTrender. “I always just say ‘chop it off.’ Chris is a nice man and it was really nice of him to do it outside. They did a good job, it was spot on.”

Barbershops across the world, take note: This is how you do customer service the right way!

“We’ve been seeing Steven come here for about two and a half years,” Chris said. “Last time he came was just after he had suffered a stroke, and he got upset thinking us getting him in the chair was putting us out. It wasn’t, but we figured the best thing to do, if the weather was good, was to cut his hair outside. So we brought the barber’s to him – he was loving it.”

Chris added, “It was never trouble getting Steven from his mobility scooter and into the chair inside, but it made him happy feeling like he wasn’t being a bother. You get all walks of life in here, we cater for anyone.”

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