High School Drumline Shows That You Don’t Need Drums To Make A Great Beat!

by Brett Myers
Brett is a writer from Georgia living in New York with a knack for all things music, film, and Internet. He's a big fan of YouTube, horror movies, 80s music, and cheese fries.

It takes a very special kind of brain in order to be able to become a successful percussionist. You have to keep up with what’s going on around you, while keeping perfect time, all while swinging your arms around and banging it against your instrument.

Drummers don’t often get the praise they deserve. Their instrument is seen as loud and angry; when in reality, to become a drummer you need a huge amount of finesse!

Keller High School is just like any other high school. It’s a quaint, suburban high school that offers their students plenty of extracurricular activities. However, their band, appropriately called the Keller High School Band Group, isn’t quite like any other school’s band.

For years, they’ve competed against bands from all over from regional to national contests, and they continue to win, win, and win again. Judging by this performance, we can guess why.

It’s pretty strange to see the group set up armed with only a pair of drumsticks. Did they lose their instruments? Are they improvising? Well, once they start playing, you’ll see that not only was this part of their routine, they also certainly don’t need a silly instrument to put on an incredible show. You know how they say to watch where you sit? Well, now you can play where you sit, according to Keller High School. Bravo!

Hopefully this video will change someone’s minds about drummers, it really is one of the hardest instruments of them all. When you do a good job, no one notices you, but if you mess up, it’s all your fault! Here’s to the drummers!

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