College Student Eats 150 Bananas A Week, Believes It’s The Best Way For Humans To Live

by Emerald Pellot
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Dane Nash eats about 150 bananas a week, or about 15 to 20 per day. He also eats two pounds of spinach a day. He’s a vegan but mostly consumes fruit. It all began two years ago when the student struggled with acne.

“I went vegetarian first, and then I read a bit more into it and realized that the optimal diet for humans is to eat raw fruit and veg. Every other species eats their food raw, but humans for some reason started to cook our food, and it’s not really that good for us,” Dane says.

However, he admits he gets cravings. He recently “cheated” on his diet and ate a donut. Dietitians have told Dane he’s not getting the correct nutrients, but he feels like this diet has only helped his health.

“This diet has helped me a lot in taking control of my health and my life, and I’m now healthier than ever. I cannot recommend it enough,” he says.

In total, Dane eats about 3,000 calories a day. This includes several smoothies and a huge salad for dinner. To make up for what he misses, Dane takes vitamin B12, vitamin D, and flaxseed supplements.

“This will be giving him a large carbohydrate intake, with each banana containing around [27 grams] carbohydrate, meaning a day’s intake will be around [567 grams],” says Lucy Patterson, a nutritional therapist at Southville Nutrition Clinic. “This could contribute to disrupted blood glucose levels, and possibly put him on the road to pre-diabetes in the long term.”

Lucy isn’t opposed to a vegan diet, but feels Dane’s might be a bit extreme.

“There is a healthier way to eat a vegan diet, but unfortunately this person is missing some significant aspects of it,” she says.

Nevertheless, Dane is steadfast in his belief that his diet is acceptable for humans and best for him.

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