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Dog With Massive, Balloon-Sized Growth Under Chin Looks Completely Unrecognizable After Surgery

by Mauricio Castillo
Mauricio has been writing for 11 years and is deeply into movies, sports and anything funny.

We continue to see stories of dogs being abandoned and left alone in the street, and it never gets any easier or any less heartbreaking.

Like this pit bull that was literally left to die tied to a dumpster, why do these things keep happening?

We can only hope that they’re rescued and find a home in the end.

Mango the golden retriever found himself in a similar situation.

The pup was a regular sight, wandering the streets of India and eating whatever scraps or treats someone shared or he found on his own.

But then someone noticed something strange about Mango, and doctors were called to the scene.

Members of Animal Aid Unlimited arrived to meet the dog, and they were instantly stunned by what they found.

Mango was living with a massive, balloon-size abscess hanging under his chin.

Without treatment, the infection in the abscess would have killed him.

Luckily, the doctors at Animal Aid Unlimited got to the pup in time and instantly rushed him for emergency surgery to remove the growth and free him of the life-threatening danger.

The surgery was an immense success, as the abscess was completely drained from Mango’s chin.

In just 15 days, the brave golden retriever recovered and was a truly different, happier dog!

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