Amazing Couple Adopts 7 Siblings To Keep Them Together

emerald Emerald Pellot

Jim and Katrina Baldwin of Strawberry Plains, Tennessee, are what can only be described as two angels. One day they got a call to take in two foster kids: six-year-old Lily and two-year-old Tristan. Then a few months later two of their siblings, three-year-old Kamrin and five-year-old Danny needed a home — the couple took them in too. Then there was another call for their remaining siblings, nine-year-old Ryan, 12-year-old AJ, and 14-year-old Shanda. That’s seven foster kids, that’s already no small gesture.

Then Jim and Katrina did one more thing: they adopted them. Every single one of them. It is all too often that children wind up in foster care, and it’s not uncommon for those kids to end up separated from each other for decades. That’s what had been happening with this lot; they were in and out of foster homes, separated, and passed around.

“We fell in love with these kids, and we couldn’t let them go for nothing. It’s not happening,” Jim told WBIR’s Kendal Morris. That’s when they knew they had to begin the paperwork to make it official. The kids are excited to be together and of course to have two people to call those two wonderful names.

“When they called us Mom and Dad for the first time, we knew they really loved us,” Katrina said. “We’re not just holders of this group because they’re used to people being holders of their life.”

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