Amazing Video Shows An Enormous Bald Eagle Taking A Dip In A Birdbath

by Melissa Castellanos
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If you’re a bird enthusiast, and you love to bird-watch year round, then you know what a colossal score it would be to see America’s treasured bald eagle make an appearance.

This beautiful eagle was dirty, but after such an intense bath he’s going to be squeaky clean!

In a recent video, a bald eagle was captured in slow motion jumping in and submerging itself underwater in a big birdbath. First, you can see him place his head underwater, and then he shimmies and shakes his massive wings.

Bald eagles are intense and fascinating creatures, yet they can be intimidating at times. Recently, one in Australia spooked a crowd when it tried to snatch boy at a wildlife show.

At the same time, we’ve also seen bald eagles tender and vulnerable such as the time a brave tree climber saved a bald eagle caught 40 feet above!

The beautiful bird then shakes his head from left to right, showing off his powerful strength as the beads of water shoot into the air.

Steadfast and focused, the bald eagle’s golden eyes make for an intense stare. The sounds of his enormous flapping wings are intimidating. He means business when it’s time to relax and cool off for a bit!

You can also get a close-up look at his huge claws and beak that would make any prey shudder at the thought of being scooped up by him. When he tries to take off, he looks perplexed as it appears that he’s having a bit of trouble, but with that wingspan, we’re sure he made it out just fine!

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