Young Woman Is In Line At Verizon Store. Then A Stranger Hands Her $2,000 Cash And Walks Away

by Mauricio Castillo
Mauricio has been writing for 11 years and is deeply into movies, sports and anything funny.

A trip to the local Verizon Wireless store turned into something that Bailey Goodwin just couldn’t believe.

Bailey was in line at the Verizon store in Des Moines, Iowa, with seven other people.

That’s when the completely unexpected happened.

“‘Here you go. I hope you have a great day,'” Bailey recalled, repeating exactly what the mystery man said to her — after he handed her $2,000 in cash.

Can you imagine that? Imagine being in line to pay your phone bill, and then a complete stranger comes over and just hands you thousands of dollars.

According to Bailey, the man gave her the money, and then quickly walked out of the store. She was barely able to utter her thanks, which he probably didn’t even get to hear in his haste to leave.

“There was plenty of other people, you know? Why me, you know? I kind of feel like I’m not deserving of it,” she said.

Yet, it was almost like the mysterious stranger knew about Bailey.

Her recent graduation from Iowa State University left her with a lot of student debt. She also works 17 hour days, six days a week, split between two jobs.

“I believe in karma. I think maybe something good is about to come my way, to help someone out, too,” she said.

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