Study Reveals That Bad Dreams Can Have Serious Consequences — Even After You Wake Up

by Kate Taylor
Kate is a writer who laughs at her own jokes and likes to pour too much hot sauce on her food.

There is an old saying that advises people to “Never go to bed angry.” The age-old, two-pronged piece of advice encourages all who read it to resolve conflicts in a timely manner, and to also get a good night’s sleep.

Sometimes you may wake up angry at your partner (or anyone) even after falling asleep peacefully, which apparently is pretty common. A survey conducted by OnePoll found that 46 percent the study’s participants have had bad dreams about their partner that caused negative feelings even after waking up.

Sure, you may know in the back of your mind that it was only just a bad dream, but experiencing something like your partner being unfaithful, keeping a big secret, or having an argument can cause some very real feelings, even after you wake up.

In fact, many respondents admitted that a bad dream impacted their mood towards their partner the next day. The study reports that it can take up to two hours to fully recover from a traumatic dream.

Another interesting stat from the study is that 38 percent of people who told their partner about the bad dream were able to laugh about it, and 33 percent found their partners to be understanding. Still, 15 percent of partners did not get the joke.

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