Mom Secretly Films Dentist Treating Son’s Teeth When She Realizes Something Is Horribly Wrong

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

In 2015, parents began coming forward with terrifying stories about their experiences at the same pediatric dentist’s office.

The parents claimed child patients of Dr. Harold Schneider in Jacksonville, Florida were being mistreated under his care.

One little girl was only supposed to have one tooth pulled, but her mother was horrified when eight were pulled instead. Another mother secretly recorded her son’s procedure when he began screaming bloody murder in the dentist’s chair.

At the time, 78-year-old Schneider was using a papoose board to strap the kids down instead of administering novocaine, which parents described as a torture tool.

The shocking truth was that Schneider’s practice was a bona fide “house of horrors.” Children came out of his office with missing teeth, bruises and scalpel slices. “Don’t tell your mom,” he would often tell his patients.

But the children did tell their moms, and soon a band of more than 60 outraged families were fighting back.

After facing multiple lawsuits and having his office picketed on a daily basis, Schneider agreed to shut down his practice in 2015. Thank goodness no more children will suffer at his hands.

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