Homeowners Tear Up Their Pretty Grass To Create A Beautiful Backyard Fire Pit

by Cassandra Morris
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If you’re a homeowner who values a well-manicured lawn, you probably know how difficult it can be to grow lush green grass. That’s why it’s hard to believe that some people are willing to dig it up.

But in this particular instance, the result was well worth a little grass sacrifice. While I’ve seen many beautiful backyards in my time, I’ve never seen a fire pit as adorable as this one before.

And when I learned that this family had absolutely no construction experience, I was floored! I feel totally inspired to take on a big project of my own now.

However, since I’m currently living in an apartment in the city, it’s going to take some time before I’ll have a lovely backyard of my own — but amazing projects let me live vicariously through them until that day comes!

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For eight years, this family's beautiful half-acre backyard sat completely untouched and empty — until one day, they decided it was time for a change.

diy fire pit

After a quick stop at Home Depot, they came home and got to work. They began by picking a good spot in the yard, then laying out the stones in a nice circle.

backyard diy

They then spray-painted a 12-foot radius around the small circle. This would become their beautiful new seating area.

how to build a fire pit

Since no one in the family had experience with construction, they knew some of their methods were a little off — but they kept digging away.

diy fire pit

Once their hole was dug, they filled it with gravel and sand.

diy fire pit

Once it was all level, it was time to move on to the next step.

diy fire pit

Next came the fun part: arranging the stones. Here, all their hard work started to come together, so the family really enjoyed this step.

diy fire pit

They then laid down the landscape edging for the seating area.

how to make my backyard look better

After that, it was time for the gravel. They went with crushed limestone.

how to build a fire pit

The next step was the toughest: smoothing out the rocks. It was very tedious — but the final result was worth it!

diy backyard ideas

The cherry on top? Painting these beautiful Adirondack chairs in bright summertime colors.

cool backyard ideas

They look gorgeous around their brand new fire pit.

beautiful backyards

After adding some beautiful string lights, pathway lights, citronella torches, and wireless speakers, their summer project was complete!

amazing fire pit

They now have the perfect place to sit and laugh with friends, family, and of course, their furry friends.

cool backyard ideas

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