Everything Your Child Needs To Go Back To School For Under $20

by Rachel Gariepy
Rachel Gariepy is an experienced Editorial Director for a variety of digital publications including LittleThings and Purple Clover. She has written for, edited and managed teams across multiple lifestyle properties, including sites for celebrity clientele including, but not limited to Jenni (JWOWW) Farley, NeNe Leakes, and Vanessa Hudgens. Rachel has experience wearing many fun and fanciful hats including content strategist, creator, editor and project manager. She, like Mitch Hedberg before her, sometimes wrestles with the idea of wearing a beret. She also enjoys hiking, reading and hanging out with dogs.

It’s August, which means two things: It’s hot, hot, hot, AND your kid is starting to think about going back to school.

And even if your child isn’t thinking about it yet, you most definitely are. Spending the summer with your entire family is super-duper fun, but it’s also exhausting, and we know you’re just a little excited to have school days to yourself again, even if it’s just because bringing the kiddos with you to the grocery store takes way longer and also becomes way more expensive if you’re not careful. We won’t tell on you for wanting a little more “me time”!

So school starts in less than a month. What’s on the back-to-school shopping list? Don’t worry: Even if that list looks a little bit extra-long this year, we’ve still got you covered. And we’re supplying you with every item you need at stellar price points. Nothing on this back-to-school shopping list is over $20, because we know you’re going to need to buy replacements for a forgetful child at some point this year, and we don’t want you spending an arm and a leg to do it.

Here are the things your kiddo is going to need to make this a productive, fun, and easy year for both of you!

ABC Elmo Backpack, $19.99

elmo backpack

Is there a little boy or little girl in this world who doesn’t love Elmo? We hope not! This charming unisex bag is perfect for your toddler’s inaugural trip to pre-school and beyond!

Shop The ABC Elmo backpack, (Macy,s $19.99)

Eastsport Backpack With Matching Bonus Lunchbox, $19.88

eastsport backpack

Your kiddo is going to need a high-quality backpack to get through the school year, and Eastsport has the perfect option. This fun and functional bag comes with a bonus lunch sack!

Buy it at Walmart for $19.88.

40-Pack Bic Mechanical Pencils, $6.63

bic mechanical pencils

Imagine how many exciting ideas your kid will jot down with these smooth-writing Bic mechanical pencils? Having 40 just means your kid will never go a day without having a proper writing utensil for each class.

Buy it at Walmart for $6.63.

Crayola 100-Count Classic Colored Pencils, $11.79

Crayola colored pencils

Nothing beats having a pristine set of colored pencils from Crayola to start off the school year right! You can’t beat the price of this 100-count set, so you might as well stock up now.

Buy it at Walmart for $11.79.


Cute Cartoon Canvas Pencil Case, $8.96

Cute Cartoon Canvas Pencil Case, $8.96

Your kid will love this adorable canvas pencil case with a fun cartoon design. Plus, having it will ensure your child never loses all those pencils, gel pens, and markers!

Buy it at Walmart for $8.96.

Elmer's 3-Pack of Disappearing Purple Washable Glue Sticks, $2.97

elmer's glue

School projects always entail creativity, ingenuity, and plenty of glue! Don’t let your kid go glue-less. Grab a three-pack of Elmer’s Disappearing Purple Washable School Glue and send them on their merry way!

Buy it at Walmart for $2.97.

Big Boys Juniper Drawstring Shorts, $13.60

juniper shorts

It’s hard to believe your little boy is growing up so quickly and is already ready for another school year! He’ll love these drawstring shorts because they’re comfortable. You’ll love them because they’re affordable.

Shop Juniper Shorts, (Macy’s, $13.60)

School Smart Precision Scissors, $3.42

precision scissors

These School Smart Precision Scissors feature a 5-inch stainless steel blade and a soft, no-slip grip. The scissors are also created for both left-handed and right-handed learners.

Buy it at Walmart for $3.42.



Nautica Cotton Poplin Dress, $17.99

nautica dress

How adorable will your little girl look in this smart cotton poplin dress from Nautica? Picture here with a cute pair of saddle shoes and a bright red backpack to complete the look.

Buy the Nautica Poplin Dress, (Macy’s, $17.99)

Jam 6-Pack Heavy-Duty 3-Hole-Punch Pocket Folders, $14.45

jam pocket folders

Organization is a huge part of keeping your kid on the right track this school year. Ensure success with these super-heavy-duty three-hole-punched pocket folders in assorted colors.

Buy them at Walmart for $14.45.


Expo 8-Pack Low-Odor Dry Erase Markers, $5.74

expo markers

Send your kid up to the whiteboard with confidence and plenty of color options with these Expo low-odor dry erase markers in an assorted eight-pack of colors.

Buy them at Walmart for $5.74.

Bic 10-Pack EZ Correction Wite-Out Tape, $11.79

white out tape

We all know plenty of mistakes are bound to happen, and that’s OK! Prep your child with this handy-dandy Bic Wite-Out brand correction tape.

Buy it at Walmart for $11.79.

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120-Piece Gel Pen Set, $18.98

gel pen set

No, school is not a popularity contest. But why not give your child an extra boost of confidence by bringing home this 120-piece gel pen set. Even more options for sharing!

Buy it at Walmart for $18.98.

Pink Flower Tank Top And Shorts Set, $17

flower tank set

One of the very best things about sending your child back to school is getting to pick out a whole new wardrobe for the new year! This flower tank top and pink shorts set is comfortable, functional, and affordable!

Shop the Pink Flower Set, (Macy’s, $17)

Ivy Stretch Polo Shirt, $17.70

ivy polo shirt

When you picture your little one on his first day of school, it’s hard not to imagine him in a pretty blue polo shirt paired with perfectly creased chinos. Make that dream a reality with this stretch cotton polo.

Shop The Ivy Polo, (Macy’s, $17.70)

Kenneth Cole Aqua Slides, $17.40

aqua slides

A cool pair of camo slides will make your kid feel cool and ready for school! These versatile sandals will work for school, after-school hangouts with friends and even those final summer beach days!

Shop The Aqua Slides, (Macy’s, $17.40)

Mead Wide-Ruled Composition Book (4-Pack), $8.99

mead 4 pack

Plenty of blank space for creative stories, math problems, and essays. The Mead wide-ruled composition book is a classic for a reason. Stock up on this four-pack at a reasonable price!

Buy it at Walmart for $8.99.

Michael Kors Eli Seneca Sandals, $19.99

eli seneca sandals

A pair of easy slides to mix and match with new back-to-school outfits is so much fun for your little princess. Make her happy with these sparkly slide sandals.

Shop The Eli Seneca Sandals, (Macy’s, $19.99)

Nautica Pleated Scooter Skirt, $15.99

scooter skirt

If your child wears a uniform to school, keep things interesting and stock up on elevated uniform-friendly basics like this khaki pleated scooter skirt with an adorable merlot bow!

Buy The Pleated Scooter Skirt, (Macy’s $15.99)

Nautica Stretch Blue Oxford Short, $15

blue oxford shirt

No article of clothing is as smart or as timeless as a crisp blue oxford shirt. Stock up on uniform-friendly essentials like this stretch option from Nautica.

Shop Nautica Oxford Shirt, (Macy’s, $15)