Baby Weasel Saved From The Side Of The Road

by Phil Mutz
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When we think about cuddly creatures, there are quite a few that come immediately to mind: cats, dogs, rabbits, and even hamsters.

But there are also plenty of adorable animals out there that deserve our love and support, even if they aren’t so traditional. And for one abandoned baby weasel, the kindness of strangers has ensured that he will have a shot at a long, happy life.

Beezle the baby weasel was found on the side of a busy road with no sign of his mother. Fortunately for him, a Good Samaritan scooped him up and brought him to a vet, who then turned him over to the Oak and Furrows Wildlife Rescue.

Thanks to the incredible rescue workers, Beezle is better than ever and has finally been released back into the wild!

Scroll through below for a look at this incredibly cute baby, who was given a second chance at life.

What do you think of Beezle’s story? Do you believe that all animals deserve our love and support? Let us know in the comments!

[H/T: The Dodo]

He may not be your typical cuddly creature, but Beezle the weasel is undoubtedly adorable.

This little baby may have had a rough start to life, having been separated from his mother and left to fend for himself, but the folks at Oak and Furrows Wildlife Rescue had every intention of making things better for him.

According to the Oak and Furrows Facebook page, “Beezle was collected from a vet on Monday after a member of [the] public found him on the side of a busy road.”

Emma Hickey from Oak and Furrows told the Dodo, “We assume Mom weasel may have been carrying [him] to a different nesting place and she may have got scared from the traffic and dropped [him].”

Without a mother to feed him, the rescue took it upon themselves to handfeed him with milk and a little bit of meat.

And just four days after their initial post, they wrote on Facebook, “Update on Beezle the weasel: Beezle is growing super fast.

“He has now opened his eyes and is now eating some food for himself.”

And fortunately, in less than a month, Beezle was feeling strong and ready to take on the world!

Oak and Furrows writes on Facebook, “After hand-rearing Beezle from a week old… He got his happy ending and was released.”

One look at Beezle being released into the wild and anyone can tell how fortunate he was to be loved and cared for by the incredible folks at the wildlife rescue.

He may not be a traditional cuddly creature, but Beezle the weasel got the help he so desperately needed.

What do you think of Beezle’s story? Do you believe that all animals deserve our love and support? Let us know in the comments.

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