Baby Farts On The Dining Room Table Because Mom Is Tickling Too Hard

by Paul Morris
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Mom thought that she was in total control of her tiny baby boy when he managed to prove that not only was she totally powerless, but that the baby was the one calling all the shots!

The baby is happily playing with Mom on the dining room table, and mom is busy tickling his ribs in the cutest way possible. But right when mom thinks she’s the boss, her darling little bundle of joy lets loose a deep sounding fart that leaves the whole family laughing, as well as running away from the smell!

This video is pretty perfect because it shows that just when you think things are going your way, it can quickly pull a 180 and prove that you’re not as in control of things as you initially thought.

We just love to see the whole family having such a cute time bonding with their little baby, but hopefully they’ve learned their lesson not to over-tickle the little guy from now on. The look on his face when it finally happens makes it seem like he almost knows exactly what he’s done!

What do you think; was this an accident that happened because he was being tickled too hard by his mom, or was this baby keeping it all in while waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike? Either way, we’re glad we weren’t there when it happened!

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