Baby Stork Is Left Abandoned After Being Rejected By Parents, Then Humans Take Him In

by Kelly Glass
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A stork in Poland found a new home with a human family when it was abandoned by its real parents.

Jan and Alicia Czesnick are now the proud parents of their very own stork after the bird was rejected by its feathered parents for being the weakest in the flock.

The husband and wife found the bird earlier this year when it was just a chick. Now the stork is a part of their family.

The bird lounges in the yard with its humans, takes lots of bird baths, and eats a diet of chicken and fish — and occasionally hair.

There’s no question Jan and Alicia love their feathered baby, but there’s one thing they can’t seem to agree on: what to name it. Alicia wants to name it Friday, after the day they found it. Jan, on the other hand, wants the bird to have the name of a champion. He wants to call it Krzysztof Piątek, the Polish soccer star who plays for Italian club Milan and the Poland national team.

The Czesnicks think Friday, or Krzysztof, will stay with them through the winter before migrating south. For now, this family is enjoying the time they have with their feathery bundle of joy. The bird doesn’t seem to mind the attention either.

Watch the video to see this stork living the good life.

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