Toddler Is Alex Trebek’s Biggest Fan And Sprint-Crawls To TV When He Hears ‘Jeopardy!’ Song

by Mauricio Castillo
Mauricio has been writing for 11 years and is deeply into movies, sports and anything funny.

Redditor HomesteaderWannabe recently posted a video online of the moment Jeopardycame on his TV.

His 13-month-old son was playing on the kitchen floor just before the famous game show started. As he played, the little boy appeared to be in his own world. But things took a drastic — and hilarious — turn the moment the theme song of the game show started.

Now, as a kid, it’s normal to get excited about your favorite show or movie. I, for one, still remember how excited I used to get when my favorite cartoon would start.

But it is truly a sight to behold to see a 13-month-old flip out when Jeopardy! comes on.

You see, the moment the theme song began to play, HomesteaderWannabe’s son dropped what he was doing and frantically crawled all the way around the kitchen island to the living room, where he could position himself perfectly to watch his favorite show!

The baby boy began to flail his hands around as the show’s intro continued — and especially when Alex Trebek’s name was called out!

His dad posted the video on Reddit, where it quickly went viral with thousands of shares and hundreds of comments.

Check out the little boy’s adorable reaction in the video below, and please SHARE it on Facebook!

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