Pretty Bouquet Of Baby Socks Is Just The Gift You’ve Been Looking For!

by Rebecca Endicott
Becca is a writer and aspirational dog owner living in NYC.

Springtime is the time of year when we kick back, relax, and celebrate new life!

It’s the perfect moment to appreciate all the renewal and growth that arrives as soon as winter ends, whether that means celebrating the season with bunnies and baby chicks, or cherishing each and every sprout that comes up in your beautiful garden, like these adorable and simple tomato seedlings.

And, whether by coincidence or design, it also seems to be the time of year when birth announcements go out and baby showers crop up every other weekend! After all, what new parent wouldn’t want to welcome a little one in springtime?

If you have a shower or two on the calendar, you’ve probably been looking around for the perfect baby gift. Well, look no further; we have a gifting solution just as precious as it is practical!

Buy a handful of pairs of baby socks, then roll them up and wrap them around lollipop sticks or pipe cleaners. Load them into a pretty lined basket, and doll it up with a few sprigs of baby’s breath for a darling sock bouquet that new parents will just love.

Check out the video below for detailed instructions, and don’t forget to SHARE with everyone welcoming a bundle of joy this year!

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