Adorable Little Dog Tucks In A Tiny Newborn Baby

by Paul Morris
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When mom put her precious newborn angel down for a little nap, she was a bit wary at first when she saw how excited her little dog was to see her baby. She loved her little dog in every way, but she was unsure, as any loving mother would be at first, of how gentle the pup would behave around her baby.

But then she saw something that brought a smile to her face that would never leave. Her little dog seemed to notice that the tiny baby was without a warm blanket to sleep under. So that’s when this precious little puppy sprang into action!

The dog quickly begins to push the blanket up around the babies body, and within moments the baby is completely covered and snug as a bug!

The relationship this dog and baby have is clear; dogs just seem to have a love for babies and want to protect them at all costs. It’s as if they inherently know how to be much more gentle around these little bundles of joy. Even the more excitable dogs all seem to slow down a bit just to make sure they don’t accidentally hurt the baby or step on a finger.

Have you ever seen such an adorable video before in your life? Something tells us this little baby and this dog are going to be best friends for a very long time!

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