Frightened Baby Shows Gratitude On Nanny Cam After Pit Bull Comforts Her During 7.0 Earthquake

by Amy Paige
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Ever since baby Adalynn was born, her 100-pound blue nose pit bull, Fury, has been right by her side as her constant companion and bodyguard.

The pair have formed an undeniable bond that has only been made stronger by the family’s recent at-home scare.

Ady and her family live in Palmer, Alaska — an area that got walloped by a 7.0 earthquake in late November 2018. The massive quake also caused more than 5,000 frightening and powerful aftershocks across Alaska.

Ady has been experiencing severe anxiety attacks and has had problems sleeping ever since.

In fact, the only way Ady can stay asleep is if Fury is with her in her nursery.

His mere presence has a calming effect, allowing her to snooze in comfort.

Fury usually sleeps on the floor beside his sister’s crib, but in this video, Ady decided she needed him much closer.

Caught on the family’s nanny cam, Ady can be seen calling Fury into her bed. He, of course, obliges.

What follows is the most adorable interaction caught on camera inside the darkened nursery.

Dogs are simply the best.

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