Pregnant Mom-To-Be Planned A Baby Shower Not Knowing It Was A Proposal The Whole Time

by Amy P
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KaNeysha and her boyfriend Kiron planned an epic baby shower. The lavish and glamorous event was held at a beautiful multilevel lounge in Richmond, Virginia.

The shower took place when KaNeysha was eight months pregnant with a baby girl. The expecting couple walked into the event, hand-in-hand, while their friends and family cheered them on.

What KaNeysha didn’t know was that Kiron had been keeping a huge secret — and the result was about to go viral.

KaNeysha got emotional as she thanked her guests for coming. Then Kiron took the mic from her and dove into a speech he’d been preparing.

“One thing about KaNeysha, we’ve been through thick and thin,” he said to KaNeysha, whose back was facing him.

“Y’all just don’t know, but we got through it.”

By the time KaNeysha turned back around to face him, Kiron was down on one knee. She was so shocked that she, too, fell to her knees!

The moment took a tear-jerking turn as Kiron continued:

“Now that my daughter is coming into this life … I always told myself that … I didn’t have my dad and I want to raise my daughter with a mom and dad in the same house. My dad died when I was 10, and I’d do anything right now for him to be here right now in this moment.”

You don’t want to miss this emotional surprise.

Footage provided by WTVR Richmond

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