People Are Outraged By This Photo Of A Baby’s Hand With Pointy Filed Nails

by Kate Taylor
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It’s tough to pick the cutest part of a baby. Every body part is immediately 10 times cuter when its still so tiny.

However, the hands and feet are definitely crowd favorites.

What do the hands and feet have in common? For starters, they both have nails. Cutting nails can be a daunting task for any new parent. Their nails are so small, it’s difficult to be precise, and it’s scary having sharp objects so close to a baby.

That said, cutting your baby’s nails is important for both your and baby’s safety. We’ve all poked ourselves with a sharp fingernail by accident and suffered the consequences.

Babies, of course, will probably not learn from their mistakes so quickly.

Even though shorter nails are definitely better, there is one photo making the rounds on the internet showing quite the opposite. People who’ve seen this small hand are, for lack of better words, totally freaking out.

When Instagram account @daily_earthpix posted this photo of a baby with some very, very pointy nails, people started reacting immediately.

The caption asks if this is “Cute or not?” The overwhelming answer was no.

As I mentioned, keeping a baby’s nails nice and short — like the photo above — is the safest option for youngsters.

Shorter, blunter nails have less of a chance of causing scratches or any damage.


Babies rub their faces and eyes a lot.

With nails that some users are calling “demonic” and comparing to cat claws, an innocent rub could end in disaster.

Of course, nails this sharp don’t just put the baby in danger — as the parent, you could get scratched, too.

Nails that are this sharp could definitely break skin.

The picture has everyone who sees it wondering, who would do such a thing?


To achieve nails like this, some serious filing definitely had to be involved.

Some people even commented that they think the nails could even have a coat of clear nail polish on them that explains their sheen.

While pointy nails might be OK for adults who want them, the overwhelmingly popular opinion is that they do not belong on babies.

Instead of giving a baby a dangerous, grownup manicure, parents should cut their nails carefully and often.

There are even special scissors and clippers designed especially for their little nails.

With shorter nails, babies will be free to play and use their hands without risking a serious injury to themselves or others.

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